It is a known fact that legal cases can take a long time before it settles for good. So, it is natural for people to have questions about their lemon law’s overall timeline. Well, we can say for sure that one cannot offer a proper start to end date of your lemon law claim because various factors affect the final outcome. 

So, if you have the same question in your mind, then this article has an answer for you with various other important details too. 

So, let’s begin!

How to know if I am covered under the lemon law?

The most important concern people have is about their qualification to lemon law. Well, if you have a new or pre-owned vehicle that is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, then you will receive protection under the lemon law for new cars in Texas

Likewise, your vehicle should also undergo a reasonable number of repair attempts to offer the manufacturer the opportunity to correct the issue. 

And since lemon law is totally based on evidence, it is wise to keep all the vital paperwork, warranties, receipts, etc., in a safe place. 

How is the lemon law resolved?

Lemon law for new cars in Texas is a unique case that requires proper representation at every step of the process. The process may include the following lemon law resolutions:

  1. Cash settlements from the automaker where he agrees to pay a negotiated amount to reimburse the vehicle owner for the defects in the vehicle while allowing the owner to keep the vehicle too. 
  2. The automaker will offer to either repurchase the vehicle in question or provide a new replacement vehicle. 

Hire an attorney who keeps you in the loop of the whole process, so you know what to expect from the representation. 

How long will the process take to resolve?

The lemon law attorney will review your case to ensure if the claim is valid. Then he will proceed with the pre-litigation phase, where the manufacturer is notified about the defects and improper vehicle reliability. 

The manufacturer usually takes 30 days to respond. In this response, the manufacturer will either suggest a remedy or will deny the claim. If the claim is denied, then the lawsuit needs to be filed; this can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months. But if the remedy is suggested, then you should be able to complete the case within 30 to 90 maximum days. 

Concluding thoughts

When it comes to a legal case, patience is a virtue. No matter how easy the case may seem at the start, ensure to hire a practicing lemon law attorney. With experts by your side, the case will be done and dusted sooner than expected. 

We hope this article on the duration of a case for lemon law in Texas proved to be an insightful read. 

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